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Santa Clara Corvettes Autocross at Marina July 15

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Autocross at Marina Airport

Presented by Santa Clara Corvettes, Saturday and Sunday, July 14 & 15.

Open to all cars

Motorhome Parking available $25/per night

Santa Clara Corvettes is putting on an autocross at Marina July 14 & 15 2018.  Our events are open to all cars, and we are inviting fellow car clubs to come on out and enjoy a fun course at a great venue.  Five runs per driver for $40 or $45, plus a good chance of fun runs on Saturday ($5 for two).

This is a 2-day event (Sat and Sun). It is being held iat the Marina Airport. The cost is $40 for WSCC members and $45 for non-members. Set-up will occur Saturday morning from 7 – 9 AM, and all help is appreciated.  Auto-X wraps up ~ 4PM, or later if we hold fun runs (fairly common on Saturday).

Registration will be open from 8 AM till ~ noon.   The AM drivers’ meeting will be at ~9:15 AM.  There will be 2 run groups in the AM, and 2 more in the PM.  The drivers’ mtg for afternoon drivers is at ~ 1 PM.  Working during one run group is mandatory for all drivers.  So you can run and work in the AM and then leave.  Or show up ~ 11 and run and work in the PM.  Or you can pay twice and run and work in both the AM and PM.  ?

You may pre-register on-line at MotorsportReg.com.

This makes check-in at the event a breeze, and you have a good chance of selecting your run group ahead of time. You’ll still have to sign the waiver(s), but everything else should be ready to go.

Beginners: at the AM drivers’ meeting, the Director (probably Malcolm Lawton) will ask if there are any beginners. Raise your hand, and a veteran driver will be assigned to you to help you get ready and even ride with you the first couple of runs. Run Group #1 is a good place to aim for.

Have a 2 or 3-digit number, 8? high, on both sides of your car.  Blue painter’s tape works well if you don’t have custom numbers (tape should be available at registration).  If your numbers are the same color as your car, put them on the rear, side windows instead.  You must have a 2005 or newer Snell or DOT-approved automotive helmet to run (loaners are available).

There will be a self-tech form for your car that you will need to fill out and sign.  If you want to see it ahead of time so that you or a mechanic can check out your car, see the Forms on the website. An on-site inspector will also check a few basic things on your car while it’s on grid. One basic rule – get all the loose stuff out of your car, so that it doesn’t move around and distract you while you’re driving.

Here’s how it works. . . show up the morning of the event. The course is laid out using orange traffic cones Once on course, drive it like you stole it. .

Malcolm Lawton (408) 464-1538


8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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