Renewing your membership is easy – but make sure you renew by December 15 to avoid a late fee.

There are multiple ways to renew:

  • Online – fill out the renewal form below and pay using PayPal or Credit Card.
  • Mail – download the renewal form, fill it out and mail it with a check to us.  Our address is on the form.
  • In Person – fill out the renewal form and give it with your payment (cash or check) to either our Membership Director or Treasurer.

Will we remind you when it is time to renew?  You bet!  We will remind you:

  • At our monthly membership meetings
  • By Email –  we will provide multiple reminders for you to renew your membership.  It is important that you do no unsubscribe from our mail list so you get these and other important emails from us.

Renewal normally takes place starting October.  Make sure to renew before December 15 to avoid the last fee.

The renewal fee includes membership in Western States Corvette Council (WSCC) so do not pay them separately.  However, if you pay your WSCC dues with another club let us know so we adjust the fee you pay us.

You can change to a Family Membership from an Individual Membership by paying a $25 initiation fee. Contact our Membership Director for assistance.

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