We are holding our business meetings, board meetings and TGI Thursdays using the Zoom video-conferencing service.  Our account allows 100 audio/video connections so you can connect by video if you want.  There is no charge for members to use Zoom.

Prior to events, you will be sent the Zoom meeting settings by email.  The easiest way to connect is to use the Join Zoom Meeting link provided.

For security purposes, when you join the meeting you will enter a waiting room and we will move you into the meeting from there.

Business Meeting Instructions

At the beginning of the monthly business meeting we will mute all participants to eliminate any background noises.

If you wish to speak, please wait for a board member to ask for questions.  Un-mute your connection and wait for an opportunity to speak.  When you are through, please mute your connection again.

Zoom Instructions

Zoom works on some browsers (Chrome is best) but not others.  In order to use a browser you will need a Zoom account.  You do not require an account to use the application (computer, pad or phone) or phone dial-in.  For this reason we recommend downloading the application or  phone dial-in if you can not use the application.

Instructions for using the Zoom application on your computer, pad or phone:

Before the event, download the Zoom app.  Downloads can be found at zoom.us/download.

At the time of the event:

  1. Click on the meeting link that we will provide before the meeting.  Your browser will open and ask you if you want to download or use the application.  Select the appropriate option.
  2. Open the Zoom app.
  3. Select Join a Meeting or, if you desire, sign into Zoom and then select Join a Meeting.
  4. Enter the information requested.  The Meeting ID and Password will be provided before the meeting.
  5. Select if you would like to join by audio and/or video..
  6. Select Join

Audio, video and other controls will be at the bottom of the Zoom window when you move your mouse over that area of the window.

Instructions for using Zoom by phone dial-in:

  1. Dial the phone number provided in the invitation we will provide before the meeting.
  2. Enter the Meeting ID followed by #.
  3. Enter the Password followed by #.

To mute your phone press *6.  To un-mute your phone press *6, again.

Gallery View:

Display multiple participant videos in a grid in the Zoom window rather than the current person talking.  On the Mac and Windows application, the option to use this is in the upper-right hand corner of the window.  On IOS or Android, swipe left from Active Speaker View to display Gallery View.

Push to Talk:

If connected by the Mac or Windows app, click on the up arrow next to Mute/Unmute and select Audio Settings.  Select Press and hold SPACE key to temporarily unmute yourself.  When you want to talk press the space bar and release it when you are done.

Audio, Video an other controls:

  •  Mac and Windows apps:  are at the bottom, left of the window. If you do not see them, move your cursor over that area and they will appear.
  • IOS and Android: tap anywhere on the window to see them.
  • Dial-In: press *6 to mute, and *6 again to un-mute.
Zoom User Guides

Guides for setting up and holding meetings.  For Hosts and attendees.

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