References to help users and hosts learn to use Zoom and also tailor it for some fun effects.

User Enhancements
  • Push-to-talk.  Eliminate background noises.  Press your space bar to unmute yourself while you talk.  Release it to be muted again.
  • Using In-Meeting Chat.  Send private or public messages during a meeting.  Large meetings may prefer or require this rather than interrupting the meeting with voice.
  • Video enhancements.  Adjust video quality as well as use fun things like virtual backgrounds and filters
Interactive Functions

Functions that can be shared with users or restricted to host and co-hosts.  Require meeting settings to enable use.

  • Screen Sharing.  Share a window on your computer with everyone.  Like using a projector during a meeting.
  • Whiteboard.  Share a virtual whiteboard with everyone.
Host Functions

Functions Hosts may want to use during a meeting. Require meeting settings to enable use.

  • Enabling Breakout Rooms.  Create and use individual rooms within a meeting.
  • Polling.  Create and poll members of the meeting.  Poll results can be shared with attendees.  Requires logging into your account on the Zoom website.
  • Generating Meeting Reports for Registration and Polling.  Specify what information attendees must give when joining a meeting.  Get a list of attendees and results of polling after meetings.  Not available for recurring meetings.  Attendees must use a Zoom app.  Users may not join using a browser.
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