We’ve all been looking for ways to help in these uncertain times. This is a time to take care of each other!

SCC has set up “Santa Clara Corvettes Cares”, a virtual Blood Drive Campaign with the Red Cross, from May 7th to July 31st. The need is great right now. Our goal is 50 donors, but we would love to go beyond that! This program is similar to our Second Harvest campaign to provide food to those who need it.

You can search for our program using #SCCBlooddrive on social media or you can go directly to our campaign to make your pledge.  There is a dashboard where we will track the club’s pledges.

Roll up your sleeves!!    Let’s do this!!

Appointments are required as the donation centers do not take drop-ins

When making an appointment, there are different types of donations, but the most common is whole blood.  The others are specific categories for specialized donations.

When searching for a date and time, you can refine your search to limit the number of miles you want to travel,  for specific dates or a range of dates.  You may have to look at dates a month or more out which is why we are using an extended period of almost 3 months for donations.

The website will show a list of locations that satisfy your search requirements.  Choose the one that suits you the best and you will be taken to choose a time slot. To confirm your appointment and receive a reminder, you’ll need to enter your email address or phone number. You may need to create an account.

If you have any difficulties making your appointment, feel free to contact Linda Lariz for help at linda@playnlearnpreschool.com.

Earn Club Points

Club Points will be awarded for participation.  If for any reason you can’t personally donate blood, you can enlist a “designated donor” to donate in your place.

Proof of donation will be a “selfie” of you making your deposit.  Pictures of your Corvette in front of the Red Cross sign, of you signing in at the desk, or even “doing the deed” will be accepted by your Social Directors at social@sccorvettes.org. Make it as memorable as you can.  We hope to create a Wall of Fame for our generous participants. 

This is a time to take care of each other!  People are counting on life-saving blood throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  If you are healthy and feeling well, please, make an appointment to donate blood with the Red Cross in the weeks ahead.

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