Here are examples of New Membership and Membership Renewal forms.

New Membership Form

Membership Renewal Form

The New Membership form has been tied into PayPal for payment by PalPal or Credit Card to show how that works.  Payment information/status is saved with the form data.

If you would like to test the forms:

  • there are a couple of ‘place holders’ which is to keep from having to reformat some associated pages.  They will be removed before going public.
  • when you get to PayPal, copy/paste credit card info from the yellow area to the pay area which will be recognized as a test payment.

Membership would have access to all the information they want in a format that is easy to read.  The same for WSCC.  Here are a couple sample reports:


Here’s a simple signup for events.  Events would be added / deleted as appropriate.  If an event needed more information I could make it a section with all the associated fields.  Notice it allows people to sign up for free events, too.  I did not link payment to it.

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