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Santa Clara Corvettes began in 1975 with a handful of Corvette enthusiasts meeting in a parking lot who decided to form a club to further enjoy their cars. This small beginning grew as more people wanted to share the joy in owning and driving America’s sports car. Our club is now one of the largest Corvette clubs in the west and offers wide spread activities to enhance the joy of Corvette ownership. The decade summaries above show the highlights of the clubs activities as we grew. You can further relive our History as we have summaries, newsletters, documents and pictures for each year since 1975.

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'75 - '84

Santa Clara Corvettes was formed in 1975 by a small group of Corvette owners who were looking to share the Corvette Experience. Living in and around Santa Clara County, CA, they based their first meetings in parking lots and, as more people joined, in local pizza parlors or members’ homes. Towards the end of the decade, they started meeting at local Chevrolet dealerships (Raines & Key Chevrolet) and then to the conference room of California Federal Savings. Membership climbed from the handful of charter members to approximately 75 by 1984. (A couple of those charter members are still in the club in 2016.)

Enjoying the cars and camaraderie fueled the Social events, which included TGIF get-togethers, cruises to the beach and the Sierra-Nevada mountains, wineries, and lots of events at members’ homes. The club began publishing a monthly newsletter entitled “The Winner.” It was printed in black and white with typed pages and was about 20 pages long. As the club grew so did the newsletter. The name was changed to “First Class Glass” in 1983, the cover was printed in color, and it expanded at times to 34 pages.

The first big event the club did was a large Corvette car show in 1977 at Key Chevrolet in Cupertino named “Elegance and Armor All.” It was such a hit that it was repeated in 1978. It transferred to Marriott’s Great America in 1979, where it was renamed “Corvette Spectacular,” and then indoor to the Santa Clara Fairgrounds in 1981, where it continued to be held for many years. The club also became active in putting on Road Rallyes and auto-cross events at the Pleasanton Fairgrounds, which were attended by other Bay Area Corvette clubs. By 1984 we were well established in the Corvette entertainment business.

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'85 - '94

Santa Clara Corvettes began their second decade with a membership of 80 people and grew steadily hitting the 100 membership mark in 1986 and continued to grow to around 150 members by 1994. As our membership grew, so did the requirement for larger meeting rooms as we outgrew the room at Mercury Savings and Loan in Cupertino and finally settled at the Sunnyvale Community Center in 1993.

Social events again were the driving force of the club with a full calendar of driving events to places like Marine World, Coconut Grove, Bay Meadows, Monterey, Hearst Castle, Ft. Bragg not to mention many TGIF get togethers, club picnics and poker runs. Our club newsletter, First Class Glass, continued to improve in both content and format and ranged from 20 to 30 pages and was published monthly.

Our Competition venues boasted a Tri-Challenge yearly, which included Rallye, Auto Cross, and our Corvette Spectacular Car Show that was held each year indoors at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds in San Jose. These shows annually brought in around 150 Corvettes for the 2-day show. Profits from the show went to a local deserving charity. For several years we raffled off a new Corvette, with profits again going to charity. Our club had gained a reputation for doing things in a big way and many times during the decade was honored as the Most Participating and Most Competitive Club in the Western States Corvette Council. Santa Clara Corvettes was the host club for the 1988 WSCC Convention held in Palo Alto, CA. which was quite an undertaking.

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'95 - '04

Santa Clara Corvettes began their third decade in 1995 with a membership level that stayed around 100 for several years and then in 1998 it jumped to over 160 then grew to 170 through 2004. We held our Business meetings at the Sunnyvale Community Center for 9 of those years, but had quite outgrown it. In 2004 we moved to the Masonic Building in Los Altos, which was a perfect fit, and are still holding meetings there in 2017.
Our Social events were varied and fun. We had bowling tournaments, swim & BBQ parties, winery and brewery tours, poker runs, go-kart racing, runs to Pismo Beach and Hearst Castle, and if that weren’t enough, we also went to Hawaii, New York City, and Munich, Germany. We held a car show for the kids at Juvenile Hall and participated in the states Adopt-a-Highway program for many years.
Our club newsletter, First Class Glass was awarded Best in the WSCC (Western States Corvette Council) of clubs multiple times and became digitally processed with improved clarity and color pages. This magazine was and is published monthly.
Some of our Competition venues drifted away for awhile during this time with the exception of “Corvette Spectacular” which is our signature all Corvette Car Show. For many years it was held indoors at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds through 1998 (1998 Corvette Spectacular video). and it later was held at the Beverly Heritage Hotel, Pacific Grove High School, Peggy Sue’s Diner and finally downtown Los Altos in 2004. In 2000 our club held its first autocross in years in Marina, CA and that took off so well that by 2003 we held 4 autocross events and had a 16’ trailer to house our newly purchased timing and announcing equipment all orchestrated by the SCC Autocross Army of volunteers. Throughout all of this, our club won many Most Participating and Most Competitive Awards in WSCC.

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'05 - '14

Santa Clara Corvettes began our fourth decade in 2005 with a membership of 170, but by 2007 that number had grown to over 200 and would increase to 212 by 2014. Our monthly Business meetings remained at the Los Altos Masonic Building and featured pre-meeting pizza across the street and post-meeting refreshment at the Mexican restaurant up the street.
Our Social events featured many runs to the coast, winery tours, pool parties, visits to our sponsors, and museum tours. In addition we held monthly TGIF get-togethers searching for the best hamburgers and BBQ, and held our free-to-members Annual Picnics. We also ventured far and wide with trips to LA for the Leno Tonight Show, Petersen Museum, Medieval Times, and driving dragsters. We went even further for a southwest tour of the US and then 2 weeks in Germany including a ride on the Nurburgring and attending Octoberfest. We also took part in many holiday parades, set up a Corvette Corral at the grand opening of the new Stanford Football Stadium, and assisted local charities to the tune of about $15,000. We also participated in the California Adopt-a-Highway program for many years.
Our club newsletter, now a magazine, First Class Glass continued to win many Best Club Newsletter Awards from the National Corvette Museum and grew to 28 pages per month of which many were in full color. In 2009 we introduced our new SCC Website which was state of the art.
We increased our Competition events by holding an average of 5 autocrosses yearly and in 2007 held an event at the Oakland Coliseum’s huge parking lot with the largest turnout ever for a WSCC autocross. We ventured to several local drag strips yearly and each year held our Corvette Spectacular all-Corvette car show on Main Street, Los Altos averaging 200 cars on display. At the yearly Western States Corvette Council Awards Banquets, we won Most Participating and Most Competitive Club almost every year. In 2012 Santa Clara Corvettes organized and held the entire WSCC Convention in Medford, Oregon.

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'15 -

Santa Corvettes began our fifth decade in 2015 with a membership of just over 200, but by December it had swelled to 243 members. In 2016 that number became a more manageable figure in the low 200’s. Our monthly Business meetings are still held in the Los Altos Masonic Building where we have met since 2004.
Our Social events continued to feature both driving events and more local venues. Our driving events included trips to San Simeon, Benecia, Pescadero, and the cheese-producing areas of Marin county. The longer driving events included trips to Mt. Rushmore, Barrett-Jackson Auction in Phoenix, and Canada. Several of these trips were over 2 weeks in length. Our local Socials included trips to car museums, baseball games, BBQ & blues concerts, pool parties, go kart racing, our giant yearly awards banquet, and club-sponsored picnics. Some of these events had over 100 participants.
Our club newsletter (actually a magazine), First Class Glass, printed on high-quality glossy paper, many pages in color and 28-32 pages in length, continued to win many awards from both the Western States Corvette Council and the National Corvette Museum. Our club website continues to be an excellent source of communication for our club and members.
Our Competition venues included many autocross events each year at local airports and now at the famous Cow Palace near San Francisco. Our yearly Corvette car show “Corvette Spectacular” is held in downtown Los Altos with almost 200 Corvettes on display, and 2016 was our 40th annual “Spectacular.”
We continue to support our local communities with cars for parades, civic car show attendance, sizeable contributions to local charities, and many other worthwhile events. We are more than just a car club, we are a family….

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